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St. Louis SSC Coed Kickball League Rules          



· The distance between the individual bases is 60 feet.


· The pitchers mound is 42 feet from home plate.


Game Regulations

· All games will last 50 minutes or 7 innings, whichever comes first.

· Games will be official after 5 innings or 4 1/2 if the home team is ahead.

· There is a 9 run limit per inning.



· All players must be 21 years of age or older.

· All players must wear the official league shirt, and have paid an entry fee.

· Teams need a minimum of 10 players (4 females) on their rosters.

· If a team does not have at least 4 females to start the game, then the total number of players allowed on the field will be 10 less the number of females below the league minimum.

· An automatic out will occur when that position is reached in the kicking order.

· Minimum to play: Teams need a minimum of 6 players (2 females) to start a game.

ŸIf a team does not have the minimum number of players after 10 minutes into the scheduled start time, the game is considered a forfeit.




Game Play: Offense

· A team’s lineup can have more than 10 kickers, and listing all team members in the kicking order is encouraged.  However, only 10 players will be allowed on the field for defense.

· Offensive lineups cannot have more than 2 male kickers in a row.

· Female players may kick twice in the same line up to accommodate the

2 to 1 ratio.                     

· Again, if a team does not have at least 4 females, then an automatic out will occur when that position is reached in the kicking order.

· Female players arriving late may be inserted into the kicking order to replace an automatic out.

· The kicking order cannot change during a game. Any late players can be added at the end of the line-up keeping in mind the 2 to 1 ratio.

· While on offense, it is your team’s responsibility to keep the official score book.



Ÿ The count on all kickers starts with 0 balls and 0 strikes

ŸAll kickers must remain behind home plate when attempting to kick a pitch.

Ÿ If a kicker crosses home plate, the pitch will be counted as a foul ball. 

Ÿ If the kicker already has a count of 2 strikes, a strikeout will be recorded.

· All players must kick the ball past a line that is 10 feet from the plate.

· Any ball that does not cross this line will be called a foul.

· If the ball is fielded by a defensive player before crossing the

line listed above, then the ball is considered live and in fair play.


· Strikeouts: A strikeout is recorded with a count of 2 strikes if:

· A kicker attempts to kick and misses at a pitch.

· A foul ball is kicked.

· Walks: are awarded if the count reaches 4 balls during a single plate appearance.

Ÿ No intentional walks



· Runners must stay within the base lines at all times.

· No leadoffs or stealing.

· A runner leading off base before the ball is hit will be called out.

· NO SLIDING – This is an Automatic Out.

· All ties go to the runner.

· If a ball is caught in the air, base runners may tag up and advance to the next base.

· Infielders must stay out of the base line unless attempting to tag the player or catch a ball in play.

· If a fielder is obstructing the runner within the base line, the runner will be safe.

· If a batter kicks a ball that strikes an advancing base runner (not standing on a base), the runner is out.


Game Play: Defense

· Teams can have 10 players on the field at one time with a minimum of 4 female players. 

· Again if a team does not have 4 female players, then the total number of players allowed on the field will be 10 less the number of females below the league minimum.

· One player on defense must be a catcher.

· There is no limit to the number of defensive substitutions.  The idea is to let everyone play!


· All pitches should be kickable. No fast balls, curve balls, etc

· The count begins with 0 balls, 0 strikes for all players

· The strike zone extends 1 foot on either side of homeplate, and 1 foot above the ground.

· The pitcher must stay on the pitcher’s mound until the ball is kicked.



· Defenses cannot have more than 6 infielders, including the pitcher and catcher during any play.

· The catcher must remain directly behind the batters box until the ball is kicked.  

· Infielders cannot advance past the diagonal line between 1st and 3rd base until the ball is kicked.

· Outfielders may not come within 10 feet of the infield bases before the ball is kicked.

· If a fielder records an out but prematurely advances past one of the lines above BEFORE the ball is kicked, all base runners will advance one base, and the batter will be awarded 1st base.

· Fielders can record an out by throwing the ball to a base in a force out situation, or by tagging an advancing base runner.

· Fielders can also record an out by throwing the ball below the shoulders of any advancing runners.

· If the ball hits the runner above the shoulders, the runner will be declared safe, and advance one base.

· If the runner ducks or attempts to dodge the ball and is hit above the shoulders, it is a judgment call by the umpire.

· If a thrown ball deflects off an advancing base runner, all other base runners may only advance one base.

· A play is considered dead once the pitcher or another defensive player has control of the ball on the pitcher’s mound.

· Base runners that are less than halfway to the next base must return to the previous base. 


Mercy Rule:

· If after 5 innings a team is losing by 10 or more runs, the game will be called.


Extra Inning Policy:

· If the score is tied at the end of 7 innings or the 50 minute time limit, the game goes into extra innings.

·  Play starts with the home team taking the field and the visiting team at bat.

· The kicking order will continue from the previous inning.

· A runner, (the player to make the last out in the previous inning) will be placed on second base.

· The count on all kickers is 2 balls and 2 strikes

· A strikeout will NOT be called on the first ball fouled off.

· If a second foul ball is kicked, a strikeout will be enforced.

· After 3 outs, the home team will start their inning with the same format.

· The tiebreaker will continue until a complete inning has resulted in one team scoring more runs than the other. The Home team will always have the last opportunity to win the game.


League Standings

· The standings are based on wins and losses. 

· In the event of a tie breaker, the following will be used: 

Ÿ Head to head matchup, then runs allowed, and then runs scored.



· Tee Shirts: All players MUST wear the STLSSC tee shirt for each game.

· Permitted Alterations: Players may add their names, numbers and other similar personal information to their tee shirt. Player’s additions may not cover the STLSSC or sponsor logo. All other alterations are not permitted and penalties may apply (see below).

· Penalty:Players who do not wear the official STLSSC Tee Shirt will be ineligible for that week’s game. Team members may not exchange tee shirts with other team members. If a player is not listed on the team roster and participates in a game, the team will forfeit the game and must pay a $50 fine. Team with players who violate the alteration guidelines must purchase new STLSSC shirts ($50/shirt), and the offending team will forfeit all games until they have paid for new shirts

Ÿ NO Metal Spikes are allowed. All other cleats are acceptable. Players wearing metal spikes will be suspended for the rest of the season (including playoffs).



· If a team does not have the minimum number of players by 10 minutes after game time, a $50 forfeit fine will be assessed. The money will go towards your opponent’s bar tab. If a team contacts the St Louis Sports and Social Club within 24 hours of the scheduled start of the game, a forfeit fine will NOT be assessed. This will allow the opposing team captain to inform their team of the forfeit. 



· All fines must be paid before your next game. Teams not paying will have 2 points taken off their win total for each week that fine is not paid. 


** Remember, we are all here to have fun.  The umpires have the final say on all calls.**


Don’t forget to support the sponsoring bar and hang out at the post game happy hours!!!!