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  St. Louis SSC Coed Bowling League Rules          
      1.            The STLSSC Bowling League is a 5 person co-ed handicap league.

2.            The league will bowl on Tuesday nights.

3.            The handicap is 90% of the difference between the bowler’s average and 175, with no limit.

4.            The team handicap shall be the sum of the bowlers’ individual handicaps. The team handicap can not be limited.

5.            A DUMMY score shall be 90 (absentee score with no handicap). A VACANCY score shall be 90.

6.            New bowlers without an average shall use the Vacancy value for average until scores are entered.

7.            When using a blind score (bowler absent), you use the average, minus 10 pins, of the absent bowler. Unless you find a substitute that falls within the gender requirements.

8.            There will be no substitutions on the last night of bowling.

9.            Substitutes bowl free but must check in with Cassie before bowling.

10.         Tardy bowlers will be able to make up frames not bowled in the game, if they arrive before the third frame is completed by both teams.

11.         Teams must have three regular members present to bowl.  If neither member is present the team forfeits all games and points for total pins.

12.         Teams bowling unopposed must still score better than their team average less 20 pins to claim a win for that game.  They must score better than three times their team average less 60 pins to claim a win for total pins.

13.         Weekly competition between teams will be scored by one point for each game.

14.         Each bowler will set average with the 1st game they bowl in this league.

15.         If there is a tie in games won or lost for team standings, the tie will be broken by total pin count

16.         Trophies will be awarded on the last night.

**Please allow “one-lane” courtesy.  In other words, do not stand on the approach until you are clear on either side.  This allows the individual bowler to make their shots without distraction from their peripheral vision. 

**If you use one of the house balls please remember to return it to the racks.